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Client Testimonials



"I bought this set of chimes almost a year ago. They look and sound great even after a long winter. I have had so many people asked me about where I purchased them from and wanting them. Would recommend them to any one who like the relaxing sounds of chimes. A++++well worth the money."

- Darleneb07, 08-09-11


"Gotta say, these are the best wind chimes I've ever had! Beautiful sounding and made well. You won't be disappointed!"

- Val from ME, 06-02-11

Bring Us More!

"I too, had the same experience as another reviewer. Had a fancy Easter dinner and egg hunt and although everyone loved the food and the kids had fun, what I got RAVES about was this wind chime. Please bring us more- I have several folks in mind that would dearly love this as a gift."

- suzymc, 04-25-11


"This set of chimes sounds so lovely. It is like having cathedral bells ringing softly all the time. I spend a lot of time at home now due to illness and this is comforting and melodic. I placed them where I can hear them from my chaise lounge. I have other higher pitched chimes and they just seem to complement the deeper, more resonant tones of the Tabernacle chimes. Great gift, too, especially for someone who has stress. Very serene."

- BlissLamb, 04-06-11


"This wind chime is so beautiful sounding, I am sure glad I got mine when I did. The neighbors enjoy this wind chime too."

- thequester_53, 03-29-11

A heavenly purchase!

"What beautiful sounds this wind chime makes! This chime is everything the reviews say it is. The sounds are like chimes that are 2 to 3 times more expensive than this one. You won't regret this purchase - a very relaxing and peaceful sound."

- nsynchic, 03-26-11

WOW, Wonderful

"I bought these for my wifes birthday present, she sings in our church choir, and we both love them. She was so excited she couldn't wait for them to be delivered. They have a great sound to them and are so relaxing to listen to. In fact we wish we had more wind so we could listen to them even more."

- CypressTX, 03-24-11

Absolutely the best chimes I have ever owned!!

"I was a bit reluctant when purchasing these because the last thing I want to do is offend the neighbors with some loud chimes. These are not offensive, they are beautifully melodic. I am so delighted, and enjoy these chimes daily!"

- shygirl1050, 03-24-11

Great Purchase

"Received this just yesterday and already love it. It is as advertised, lovely sounding and looks so much more expensive. Look forward to enjoying this beautiful sound for many years, Hung it on the outside of my covered patio near the sliding door so I can hear it throughout the house."

- AZ Senior, 03-22-11

Absolutely Beautiful!

"I received these about 3 weeks ago and have them hanging on my patio. I have always loved wind chimes ,but these by far are the best. I get compliments from my neighbors. They are very soothing also. A great purchase."

- harley rider, 03-21-11

Heavenly Sound

"I love to listen to the sound these chimes make. It is peaceful and calming even though the wind is blowing. These are really well made, not your dime store chime. This will be a great addition to our outside space."

- J3NN3LL3, 03-20-11

Glorious Wind Chimes!!!

"I purchased two of these, and boy am I glad!! One for me, and one for my mother. The sound that these wind chimes produce is just Glorious !!! They are very well made. They are also a lot longer than what I thought they would be. They really make a statement. Purchase these wind chimes, you will never regret it. They are awesome."

- time4tammy, 03-19-11

Awesome !!

"It just arrived and I LOVE it.. !! Exactly what I expected.."

- TyZkid, 03-17-11

Beautiful sound, Great price

"I have enjoyed this windchime for about 2 weeks now. The sounds are so pleasant to the ear. This was a great, great price on this sized chime. It is on my back patio, and I enjoy just going outside to listen to it. The sound does not penetrate to inside the home, just something gentle and calming to listen to on the patio and outside."

- Jane51, 03-17-11

waiting to hear it

"I used to have a neighbor that had a wind chime and I could hear it all the time, so I had concerns about how loud this might be. With close to a foot of snow still on the ground, I can see the chime move, but through closed doors and windows, can't hear it yet. I'm going to have to find a place indoors for it, as up close (outside) it's music is soothing :)"

- KaydeeMc, 03-10-11

Lovely tuned chimes

"This is AWESOME! Very nice tuned chimes. Granted it is only 4 tubes, but I feel this is a tremendous buy! I like the lower sounding chimes. Yes, church-like, but very soothing. I thought I would get complaints as I live in an apartment complex, but have neighbors comment on how nice they sound and how much they enjoy hearing them! A real winner of a product!"

- TxDeb, 03-10-11

Best wind chime I have purchased.

"I love wind chimes and have purchased many through out the years. By far, this is the best I have yet to buy. LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE THEM. THE SOUND IS AMAZING."

- zulmat, 03-10-11

Divine sound

"And that says it all. The tones are just lovely. I hope the quality is as good as the music it makes--if it holds up well on my covered porch, this will be one of my best purchases ever."

- Ann in Hazard KY, 03-04-11


"The sounds emanating from these unique chimes are extremely beautiful transcendental peaceful melodic soothing other-worldly timeless breath-taking and a sheer joy to experience. Very well crafted - So Excellent. Thank you so much for this very precious gift which we shall all very much enjoy for many years to come. I saw another very unique chimes mechanism about a year ago that utilized a very large metal disc with a radius of about 24 inches and some type of pendulum-like apparatus and 2 smaller discs and the entire mechanism sat upon a wooden or metal frame on the floor or could be placed upon a table in the right setting - Would Love More Great Breath-Taking Chimes Please - Thank you so much again."

- SarahFL, 03-04-11


"This is truely a beautiful sounding windchime. Excellent in every way. The price is so good it is unbelievable. Highly recommend to everyone. You won't be sorry."

- fingerlakesny, 03-03-11

Delicate wonderful tones

"Always wanted a large chime, but most were beyond affordability. The sound is enchanting, and my neighbors are enjoying it as well. Was concerned living in a townhouse, as to whether my neighbors would complain, but they enjoy it as well. Really windy weather has me turning the clapper off, and I'm so grateful for this feature. My Mom paid a small fortune for hers, and although her chimes produce a much 'deeper' tone, she wishes this feature was on her chimes.
Well worth the money, and hope to enjoy the chimes for many summers to come.
I do wish I had saved the box for winter storage. Actually, before spring came, I hung it on a plant hanger in the corner of the living room, and it looked great. As it started to sing with spring breezes, I hung it outside."

- cooktcat, 04-10-10

Sounds so beautiful!!!!!

"Bought this originally to give my hubby for Fathers Day gift from his teens. However, with the recent warm weather decided to give to him early. He is VERY hard to impress with any product, but LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this Chime!!! He had been pricing chimes at our garden shops for the past 2 years and refused to pay over $100 for them. The crisp, clear and deep sound of the chimes does sound just like church bells that ring on Sunday! An amazing price for this beautifully sounding chime."

- Time4mom2, 03-29-10

I Love this chime!

"I bought this chime as a gift to my husband and I for our 20th wedding anniversary. Growing up my parents always had a chime on the porch, I always loved the sound of a chime. I have purchased serveral chimes but nothing with this kind of construction and sound for the price. I am so happy with this purchase and thinking of purchasing another for a wedding gift."

- basketcrazee, 03-06-10

Fabulous chimes.

"And great value, too. I have several chimes of varying size and enjoy the musical company as I work in the garden. This brand of chimes is exceptional and lasts years in its outdoor and year around environment."

- xaler2, 01-20-10


"I had my wind chime out of the box and hanging in 10mins.It was so easy.I love it."

- Rattail, 10-19-09

Luv Them!

"They are wonderul. The entire familty appreciates these Wind Chimes. They make you wish for a windy day!"

- stealthcmc, 04-22-09

Wind Chime Take Me Away

"Simpply an awesome purchase...well made ...and the sound they make simply takes one away to another place. Enjoy this buy"

- sultry summer, 04-21-09

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