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Take a look and Listen.

Enrich your home or garden with one of our Premier Musical Wind Chimes. We have 55 ear pleasing Chimes to choose from to satisfy anyone's sound preferences. As well, some of our chimes have our magnetic patented clapper feature that turns off the Wind Chime at your leisure.

  • Classic Hand-Tuned Wind Chimes
    Classic Hand-Tuned

    Here find six of our original Wind Chimes which range from gentle sounds to the rich overtones of an Ancient Bell Tower and the Grandfather clock. View chimes

  • Songbirds Wind Chimes

    Nine glorious Songbirds bring to your home and garden the early sounds of springtime and allow you to bring your doorstep to nature's doorstep. View chimes

  • Masterworks Wind Chimes

    The seven Chimes in this category range from the inspirational sounds from Beethoven to the soft sounds of a fine music box. View chimes

  • Garden Splendor Wind Chimes
    Garden Splendor

    Four brilliant Chimes inspired by Beethoven, the melody of springtime, and the soothing songs of the Dove and tiny Finch. View chimes

  • Master Composer Wind Chimes
    Master Composers

    The most Classic songs of all time are represented in this category including Amazing Grace, The Wedding March, and The Star Spangled Banner. View chimes

  • Goetunes Wind Chimes

    These Chimes marry the unique beauty of their Wind Catchers with the Classic JW Stannard sounds. View chimes

  • Sixth Dimension Wind Chimes
    Sixth Dimension

    The Sixth dimension is where consciousness is created through thought. Let these three Chimes transport you to a new level of sensation. View chimes

  • Duets Wind Chimes

    Each of these Chimes have two separate sets of Bells to produce delicate lows and deep rich tones. View chimes

  • Word Wind Chimes
    Word Chimes

    Inspirational graphics screened on each tuned bell, together, with the moving sounds of the JW Stannard Chimes fill this unique category. View chimes

  • Energy Wind Chimes
    Energy Chimes

    The sound of these Chimes is so precise, they are considered musical instruments. A wooden mallet is included. View chimes

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