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John W. Stannard, the original founder of JW Stannard Wind Chimes, was raised in a family centered on musical instruments. His father was a piano builder and tuner. John W. Stannard began studying music at the age of four and built his first instrument at age six. Throughout his childhood, he studied music and built guitars with his father. While seeking a more profitable line of instruments to build than guitars, he became involved in percussion instruments. In 1980, John Stannard founded Om Percussion, a company making chimes only for musicians. In 1985, while seeking a broader market for chimes, John W. Stannard started selling Wind Chimes in a kiosk at a local mall. Hence, the JW Stannard Collection was born.

In addition, to producing the Industry leading Wind Chime, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to JW Stannard. If you have any questions about our products or with ordering please contact one of our customer service representatives at